Meet the Project Home Team

How It All Started

In 2009, Dave Logan, accomplished sports and radio personality, realized that there wasn’t a reliable way to discern the ethics and professionalism of local home improvement professionals. That’s when Team Dave Logan was born. 

Since its inception, Team Dave Logan has connected Colorado consumers with vetted, hardworking businesses that are screened annually, making the home improvement marketplace more reputable and reliable.

Where We're Going

Launching from the strong foundation built by Team Dave Logan, Project Home takes a successful business model and brings it to communities all around the country. By aligning your business with us, you will know you are part of a reputable network that consumers trust. 

As a Project Home advertiser, you will be vetted and screened annually, demonstrating to your community that your business is guided by three key principles: trust, integrity, and quality. And when it comes to their homes, these principles are paramount to consumers.

What We Believe

Remember the adage, “you are the company you keep?” At Project Home, that’s something we strongly believe, which is why we select only the most exceptional, high-quality businesses to advertise with us. Don’t put yourself in the company of other home improvement pros who have less-than-stellar reputations by advertising with just any online platform or publication. 

Advertise with Project Home, where your brand will be seen by qualified homeowners who have been identified through detailed, ongoing market research. Let us strategically deliver your advertising to your target market – a market that cares about quality – while you focus on your business.  

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Our Team Is Our Greatest Asset

As a partner to your business, the Project Home team is on a mission to bring elevated advertising to home improvement professionals across the country.

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Debb Obermeyer


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How We Work for You

Our Project Home team partners with you to transform your advertising campaigns and get the most out of your budget. Schedule time with our team today.

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